jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

MUST HAVE: Brazaletes

Simples o extravagantes, los brazaletes son el toque perfecto que le da vida a cualquier look...
Debes tenerlo :) hay muchos diseños...
Muchas celebridades lo tienen...Kendall y Kyliee Jenner, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Todas las Kardashians, entre otras... Atrévete y deslumbra!

Disfruta. Besos :) 

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  1. Hi Mery Alice. Welcome to the blogging world. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following me. I sending back the love by following your blog too. I hope you will have fun blogging. This arm candy bracelets are awesome. It's nice of you to share the pics. Keep in touch.